Monday, November 23, 2009

Life at XL .

This post is a mail send to us by a XL proff right before the exams n its amazing
before I hit the sack!! :0)...------------------------------------------
Now that the term is coming to an end, and "submissions" are due, here are a few tips for writing the term-papers/ term-projects:
* Sit in a straight, comfortable chair in a well lighted place with your laptop on, with .doc and ‘google’ open in the browser.
* Read over the assignment carefully, to make certain you understand it.
* Walk down to the ‘Bishu ‘da and get some coffee (snacks too) to help you concentrate.
* Stop off at another floor on the way back and visit with your friend from class. If your friend hasn't started the paper yet either, you can both walk to ‘XL Dhaba’ and sit and discuss the assignment, to help you both prepare. If your friend shows you his paper on the laptop screen, either drop him, or ask him/her to mail you a copy.
* When you get back to your room, sit in a straight, comfortable chair in a clean, well lighted place with .doc and ‘google’ open.
* Read over the assignment again to make absolutely certain you understand it.
* Check your e-mail; reply to everyone who sent you mails.
* You know, you haven't written to that friend you were with in the fourth grade... You'd better write that mail now and get it out of the way, so you can concentrate.
* Go look at your teeth in the bathroom mirror.
* Go to Youtube, and listen to that song/ watch the video, which you always wanted to listen… and that's it, I mean it, as soon as it's over you are going to start that paper.
* Listen to/ watch the other link.
* Check your e-mail again.
* Rearrange all of your MP3s in order neatly in different folders by singers, genre, albums, etc.
* Message your friend (on yahoo messenger/ Gtalk) on the other floor and ask if s/he's started writing yet. Exchange derogatory remarks about the faculty, the course, the institute, the world at large…
* Sit in a straight, comfortable chair in a clean, well lighted place with .doc and ‘google’ open.
* Read over the assignment again; roll the words across your tongue; savor its special flavor.
* Check your e-mail/message-box to make sure no one sent you any urgent messages since the last time you checked.
* Log on to FaceBook (if you are not already there), and check the latest post/ status message posted by your friends. Make sure that you click at least two “likes”, and comment on 3 posts/status-messages. [NOTE: When you have a term-paper/project due in less than 12 hours, anything on FaceBook is truly worthwhile]
* Open to your video folder (or Flix site), and watch the episode of “Friends”, which you liked so much
* Put this video on ‘share’/DC++
* Message/ Gtalk your friend on the third floor to find out, if s/he was watching the upload. Discuss the finer points of the plot.
* Go look at your tongue in the bathroom mirror.
* Open your “My Picture” folder and look through your old pictures from school days/ childhood/ last term/ that lovely last visit to Timbaktoo… Arrange and annotate all pictures.
* Go back to FaceBook, and put a status message like “life sucks” or “I want to go back home” or “waiting for end-terms to be over”… or something like that…
* Sit down and do some serious thinking about your plans for the future… companies you should apply for during the campus placement – or negotiating the summer internship project with the company (as the case may be)
* Open your door and check to see if there are any mysterious, trench-coated strangers lurking in the corridor.
* Sit in a straight, comfortable chair in a clean, well lighted place with your laptop on, with .doc and ‘google’ open.
* Read over the assignment one more time, just for the hell of it.
* Check again your e-mail/ FaceBook Page/ Orkut…
* Go to your hostel-room window and watch the sunrise.
* Lie face down on the floor and moan/ curse your fate (or universe/ faculty/ course/….) … banish thoughts about how you landed in this soup…
* Read a FaceBook post/ mail entitled: “How to Write a Term Paper/Project”
* Leap up and key-in the paper…. And mail it to the concerned Prof
* Hit the sack… finally!!
* Dream of “s/he galloped onto the horizon, and hit the reality!!”mail send by XL proff to us ......amazing :)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

RanDumb things abt me :)

Its has been ages since I blogged last.Actually I did blog , wrote a post ,saved it as a draft n then deleted it. Dnt knw why i did dat . Could be one of the many things I do widout any reason.
But there is a purpose behind this post... I have been tagged to do so by a very sweet frnd of mine so will have to oblige. So here it goes "25 RanDumb things abt me " . I hope to complete the list n discover a bit abt me in d process :)
1. I think a lot.....if only they paid people for thinking i would have been a millionaire. I can ponder abt silliest of things for hours,yet when it comes to important decision making m totally impulsive . I just do what my heart says me to do.
2.I am very fussy abt my hair :)
3. I am a silent kind of a person but I go totally insane when m hungry n when am disturbed while sleeping.
4.I can never finish the last bite of the food n last sip of a drink. I smhw find myself too full for it.
5. I love kids n its my wildest dream to have at least 6 of mine.:)
6. I go deaf n dumb when reading a novel. U may kick n yell n I choose not to notice.
7. I actually like studying :).
8. I have a thing for fat guys :).mayb becoz they have great sense of humour.
9. I find it very difficult to connect to people after a long gap of time,even if the person had been my closest friend once.I feel I will be an unwelcome intrusion to their present life.
10. I have a beautiful handwriting but well well u shd trying reading it sm time. need i say more :)
11. I had my first crush when I was 4 n I still have that crush.
12.I am very hard on people close to me (my siblings), just becoz I want them to have the best in life.Trust me I m harder on myself.
13. I love talking "nonsense".
14. I have 2 pair of spects. 1 is used to find the another coz i loose them abt 10 times in a day n I cant find my spects widout wearing 1.
15.I love fairy tales n wish life was 1.
16. My house is next to a graveyard n at 23 m still scared of ghosts n darkness.
17.I have habit of breaking things.I manage to drop n break things which r beyond my reach ( excluding hearts :))
18.Strange 4 a girl but I do not enjoy shopping .I buy things when absolutely needed.
19. I can spend hours in a Library.
20. I m not lazy I just do things at my own pace which happens to be a little slow.
21. I manage to hear conversations even when asleep.just ask my roommates :)
22. I just hate it when people stare at the computer screen when I am typing and peeping at the newspaper when I am reading it.
23. Yes I am selfish n totally ashamed of it.
24. I luv dancing ,the way people dance in "barats" ekdum freestyle.:)
25. I want to
a. Own a Holiday home n spend my vacations there wid all my frnds n relatives.
b. Take my parents on a foreign trip.
c.Open a school.
d.Build a library.
e. Be a better person.
f. love more ,trust more n laugh more.
g. Put an end to my never ending I want list :)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Smthng nice n gud

well this is my first post n m really excited abt it[:)]was wondering 4 days wat to write..........actually i was wondering wat not to write....i wanna write abt everything.. my life,family, shrt abt evrythng....

so iil start wid smthng nice n gud......which made me smile[:)]
There are times in life when v r down n out. we then begin to question everythng in life n life itself becomes a very big question mark.we no longer find joy in small things in life.relationship seems to be fake.i had been going thru 1 such phase in life.all hopes were abandoned n life has lost its meaning. Then 1 day i chanced upon sm old photograps....n believe me all those faces staring out of those pics...wid all there 32 knockout teeths....did smthng wonderful to me[:)].It made me smile agian [:)]. It taught me smthng very valuable.......dat life was beautiful once n it again be so..Though relationships may turn sour smtimes........they surely r worth cherishing..and mending..